National News Of Note

Things going on outside CPS that may be good to know:

DeKalb Students May Lose Bus Service AJC

DeKalb County school officials may end the practice of busing

students beyond their neighborhood campus — a controversial decision

that would end decades of service to magnet and other choice schools

that began with desegregation.

Teachers Union Initiates School Reform Plan USA Today

Education reformers have long criticized the big teachers unions

for blocking efforts to shake up public school bureaucracies, but a

new, $1 million campaign from one of the largest may help put some of

that criticism to rest.

McCain's 'Education' Spot Is Dishonest, Deceptive Washington Post

A new John McCain ad caricatures Barack Obama’s education record by

claiming that his only achievement is to pass legislation ensuring

"comprehensive sex education" for kindergartners.

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