My Enemy's Friend Is My Enemy, Too

Let the charter-hating begin.  CICS celebrated 10 years this weekend, and WGN and the Tribune -- those ignorant fools -- they covered it (Charter school grows with focus on health).  The funny thing is that, listening to the parents talk about why they chose a charter school, it's hard to put that down.  They want better for their kids.  They think and hope that they're getting it. Teachers get to choose where they work, by and large.  And many choose non-neighborhood schools for their own children.  What's the problem with charters again?  Oh, right.  If those guys are for it, then I'm against it.

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  • I'm all for flexibility in how schools are created, but I have this burning question: If it is good for school's to be freed from bureaucracy, why do we not give regular public schools the option to "opt-out" of state mandates and guidelines and create something different?

    Public school teachers, CTU members, can get together an opt for a different model. In many places they probably would.

    Give public schools the same flexibility and maybe you'd get different results.

    Just my $.02. I'd love to hear others' thoughts, too.

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