Moving Past The Blago Bashing

Over at State School News Service (some of whose content is subscriber-only), Jim Broadway says that it's not enough just to skewer the Blago plan (though he has fun doing so along the way):

"With rare exceptions, Gov. Rod Blagojevich's "bold new plan" to fund public
education with proceeds from the sale or lease of the Illinois State Lottery is
going over like the proverbial lead balloon.The funding source is uncertain, and it reeks too much to become law,
anyway. The promises of education "reform" are sketchy and strongly suggestive
of further erosion of local control of schools.
It is a political ploy with
potential for harm just by being proposed."

However, Broadway points out that simply knocking down the plan isn't enough:  "In the end, whoever "wins" the election on November 7 would then have no
mandate on education funding...In my view, this can be the year of the competing lead balloons, or it can
be a decisive year on the issue of state revenue and school funding reform - but
it's all up to the education advocates."

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