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To Charter or Not To Charter
As the Illinois General Assembly gets back to work, we talk with State Representative Monique Davis (27th District) and Illinois Network of Charter Schools Executive Director Elizabeth Evans about proposed legislation to allow the expansion of charter schools in the state.

An alternative to Blago's bad tax plan Chicago Reader
Blagojevich's bad tax plan and J. Fred Giertz's modestly proposed alternative.

Sleaziest part of sex video is behind the camera Tribune (Zorn)
Who'sthe more loathsome creep, the slimier bucket of sleaze? The married south suburban school principal who had sex with consenting subordinates behind the closed door of his office? Or the unknown
person who surreptitiously made a video recording of...

Do They Give Olympic Gold Medals for Ending Poverty? Tutor Mentor Connection
Hurrah! Chicago won the right to compete with other cities around the world to host the 2016 Olympics. What do these cities have in common with Chicago? They all have neighborhoods with high concentrations of
poverty and disenfranchised youth. They are all seeking ways to prepare their youth for 21st century jobs and careers.

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