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employees reach deal with CPS
Unions representing 10,000 non-teaching employees have reached a tentative
five-year agreement with the Chicago Public Schools, isolating the Chicago
Teachers Union, which still hasn’t signed a deal.

Chicago Schools
Need Another Tax Hike
The district unveiled
its 2008 budget today, even though officials still don’t know how much
money they’re going to get from the state.

the grading system
The article Tuesday, "Teachers' grades inflated," leaves readers
believing teachers don't deserve such ratings. But the problem isn't the
teachers. The system of evaluating teachers is broken and needs serious fixing.

PLUS:  Health costs drive talks with [Ohio] teachers
Teachers historically have been required to pay little or none of
their health coverage. Now, with school finances stretched thin by
rising costs and flat or decreased state funding, district leaders are
telling unions they can't continue to absorb the cost.

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  • I think an important element here is that the charters in CPS were either founded by better people or are under better control than in other states. I mean, some of the charters in Arizona, Ohio and Florida have shocked me with the level of malfeasance. In one case, they were hiring the students out as field hands for half the day rather than educating them. I have not seen that level of astounding abuse in Chicago.

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