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sidelined for book choice

A popular English
teacher has been placed on paid leave -- and faces possible criminal charges --
after a student's parents complained to police that a 9th-grade class reading
list contained a book about a murderer who has sex with his victims' bodies.

Chicago Teachers
Arrested for Stealing

Two Chicago Public Schools teachers were arrested
last week for stealing computer printers during a daylong training session.
Chicago Public Radio’s Jay Field has more.

academies offer options

few key facts would
help assure readers of your story on Chicago's military academies that
schools serve a valuable educational role in our system ("Reading,
writing, recruiting? Debate rages as city's newest facility is
Page 1, Oct. 15, by Tribune staff reporters Stephanie Banchero and
Carlos Sadovi).


As the reporters noted, Chicago has the largest JROTC
program in the nation, and leads the nation in the establishment of Department
of Defense-run public high schools, where students study subjects like military
history and enlist after graduation at rates as high as 40 percent, according
to the Chicago Public Schools' JROTC Web site.

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