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We should hear about the final count of LSC candidates later today, and I'll have a post up about this month's Board meeting a little later. In the meantime, how's the first day or two back going so far? No more ISATs, no more (?) walkthroughs. Life is good, right?

Vallas relied on contractors in early months to transform the RSDThe Times-Picayune

In one example, Armando Almendarez, who held various

positions with Chicago public schools under Vallas, including regional

superintendent, ...

Middle schoolers tackle today’s problems with Chicago Methods

competed in the Because they’re in middle school. Seventeen teams

from Chicago-area middle schoolsChicago Regional Future City

Competition, a yearly event ...

Spotlight on Tutoring Chicagoist

The program, run by

an organization called America’s Choice, pairs ninth graders at six

Chicago high schools with first graders at neighboring elementary

schools. It was primarily designed to help the literacy levels of the

participating high school freshman, who on average, tested out at fifth

grade reading levels last year.

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