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Take a load off, state urges backpack users
By 3 p.m., 17-year-old Becky Emiru feels the 10 to 20 pounds she lugs around in her backpack deep in her shoulders.

Chicago Public Schools Purchases Carnegie Learning Math Curricula ...
The $770,000 purchase of Carnegie Learning
curricula for seven schools will be made with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates
Foundation, which has dedicated $21 million to implementing major
improvements in CPS curriculum and instruction.

Sauk Village school official allegedly took semi-nude pictures of ...
A once-giggling,
energetic 10-year-old boy suddenly became a withdrawn disciplinary
problem at Strassburg Elementary School in Sauk Village.

What Does Hip Hop Have To Do With It?
new survey from the Chicago Council on Urban Affairs looks at how young
males see themselves and the impact of hip hop in their lives. Council
President Lu Bailey discusses the importance of teaching hip-hop
literacy to young men.

So much talk, so little change
after nearly a year of intense scrutiny on problems at Cook County's
youth detention center, a host of independent reports about the
terrible conditions for kids, and repeated federal court hearings, the
result is ... (deep breath) ... little change.

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