More Shakeup News Today

As commenters have been saying on previous posts (Classroom Cuts, The Real Re-Org),
today is the day when Huberman is supposed to announce more specifics
on his budget and staffing cuts, and the next stages of the whole
reorganization thing.

 [Meanwhile, summer school is starting, there's an attendance accuracy problem in some schools, and Derrick Rose is in a gang.]

The assumption is that some if not many of the Duncan-era senior
staff (BEW, Gilligan, Hernandez, Botana, Reynolds) will leave or be let
go, and that CPS will be "streamlined" into fewer areas (as few as 3?)
and the central office functions will be divided into three to five
main areas run by Sarah K, the AMPS person, and TBD (I'm guessing

The real-world impact of these changes will take a few days to
figure out, but could involve CO staff moving back to schools,
confusion over program responsibilities, and -- eventually -- classroom


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  • over at the catalyst notebook, john myers has notes from a conversation with clarice berry about the AIO situation, which sounds not so drastic as it seemed initially -- fewer AIOs, but now called chief area officers.

    meanwhile, i'm hearing that there are going to be cuts in pretty much every part of the central office, but that not all reports are going to change. and there are definitely some folks inside 120 S. Clark who are eager and on board for the changes that are coming.

  • i have this -- unconfirmed but from a knowledgeable source:

    They are closing the Areas that were headed by Dr. Moore, Ana Chico (retiring AIO) and Olga LaLuz (retiring). The process for hiring/rehiring AIOs will occur during July, with Aug. 1st being the date for the new ones. (You did NOT hear this from me.)
    So the above 3 elementary Areas will be "closed". There will still be separate elementary and high schools Areas for next year. It may change, however, to K-12 Areas. The "new" AIOs will have more autonomy and more accountability as well. "Performance Management" seems to be the new mantra.
    I would expect the Office of Principal Preparation and Development to disappear. Who will be in charge of that is not clear right now--somewhere in HR maybe? or with Barbara or Xavier?

  • according to cps:

    Barbara remains CEdO.
    21 areas
    AIOs are gone, chief area officers are in.

    the big diff?
    "a specific focus on assessing the needs of schools, analyzing school and student performance outcomes, and identifying strategies that drive student improvement."

    plus some enhanced "management autonomy"
    and some accountability for the schools under them.

    "Today, Ron and Barbara briefed roughly 700 principals on the FY2010 Budget Strategy and provided a presentation on some of the upcoming performance management concepts geared towards improving education outcomes reassuring them that Central Office is committed to being more responsive to their needs."

    - alexander

  • from catalyst:

    Each officer will get a data analyst, and the reading and math coaches will become data coaches, but with expertise in their subject area.

  • wow -- that's a good list if it pans out -- i wonder what others think or know or are hearing?

    -- alexander

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