More Preschool -- Still No Questions

The expansion of preschool for Chicago children continues this year, as does the lack of much of any real information about how the expansion is going (City to get 36 more preschool classrooms).  There's really not much out there.  I wrote a piece in Catalyst a couple of years ago about how some childcare centers didn't have the certified teachers they were supposed to have under the state requirements.  The Trib wrote an editorial about whether CPS was being open and honest about balancing expansion with quality.  A commenter below writes that the program isn't being run that well.  The reality is, no one knows. 

Even if you grant that preschool is a good thing for kids, what about the quality and implementation of the program? Are they coordinated with K-12 programs?  Are they properly staffed and run, or low-quality daycare programs? 

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