More On Fishy ISAT Results

Over at Education News, there's an interesting piece about how student retention in CPS should be added to the other factors like low cut scores, a lengthy testing window, and a new test that the press and the public should consider when looking at the 2006 ISAT results:  "By holding back students who fail to make the grade, and then taking credit for the achievement of those who do as being representative of the whole group, they are only exacerbating the problem." (Link: EducationNews).

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  • Dr. K.P. Loftus in his article makes reference to the possiblity that at the 11th grade level CPS students with disabilities are not being tested because they lack the credits to be juniors. I honestly can not see how the 11th grade data for students with disabilities can be any worse, fewer than 6% are reading at state standards.

    Rod Estvan

    Access Living

  • It's time to get rid of the arbitrary grade level structure altogether -- which would break the back of high-stakes testing. Students would move ahead in each learning area as they mastered certain sets of skills and knowledge (a type of looping). No one would be held back because they did not meet arbitrary ISAT cut off scores by a certain date. Schools and districts could be held accountable for the pace of student progress without having to link that progress to a calendar year and questionable cut scores. Students would no longer be stigmatized for the failures of adults. Money would be saved by, among other things, omitting unnecessary reteaching of an entire class when only some are behind.

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