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Baby formula part of equation at school for pregnant teens Chicago Tribune

At its peak, Chicago Public Schools ran three sites. And yet, instead of being a relic of another era, Simpson is thriving.

Head Start's changing face Chicago Tribune

The 16518 children in Head Start in Chicago are divided among 411 sites at centers, home day care and programs at Chicago public schools. ...

Catholic Schools' Scores Surpass Nation WBEZ

Elementary students in Chicago Catholic schools are scoring higher than the nation's average on standardized tests.

Former CPS Chess Chief Hospitalized

Tom Larson, the former chess coordinator for the Chicago Public Schools who presided over several tournaments attended by Ray School chess kids, is serious ill, according to a report by Illinois Chess Association President Chris Merli posted on the organization’s online forum.

Helping kids get through the weekend Chicago Tribune

Nourish for Knowledge distributes weekend snack packs at 28 Chicago public schools. Including a day when Henson would be closed for teacher-training ...

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