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Chicago schools feel state education cuts Chicago Tribune


month after doling out $14 million for pork projects handpicked by

lawmakers, the Illinois State Board of Education slashed $25 million

from its budget this week, including $5 million for gifted education

programs and nearly $700,000 that would have gone directly to targeted

Chicago schools.

Rise of the 'rock star' school superintendent Christian Science Monitor


Child Left Behind has created a demand for school administrators who

can take the pressure, and some 20 percent of school districts are now

seeking superintendents because of a shortage.

Worst teachers promised $10000 by lobbyist

Chicago Tribune

"Every profession you're going to have

the worst, like you're going to have the best," said John Ostenburg,

chief of staff for the Chicago Teachers Union. ...

Teen Charged With Shoving Chicago Cop

A teenager was charged with aggravated battery after allegedly pushing

a Chicago Police officer to the ground as the officer was trying to

break up a fight involving several teenagers at a North Side fast-food restaurant Monday afternoon.

Charter school for county?

Joliet Herald News

"Chicago Public Schools love

their charter schools." Funding for the charter schools comes from the

local school district in which their students reside. ...

City students celebrate Chavez legacy

Chicago Tribune


projects were coordinated by the Chicago Public Schools

service-learning initiative, which was created six years ago to link

classroom curriculum with ...

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