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Gage_park_hsEscalating violence grips Gage Park High Sun Times
Last fall, Gage Park took in a record 740 students, up from 430 the
year before. This left a school designed for 1,450 to 1,500 kids
bursting with nearly 1,800. It's one of several Southwest Side schools dealing with skyrocketing enrollment as the local Latino population

Richards Meeting at Holy Cross
Marshfield Tattler

30 people attended tonight's meeting with Dr. Smith, the principal of
Richards High School.

Mother's night of grief Tribune

According to sources familiar with case, Gilbert said he went to his
girlfriend's apartment about midnight to return a bus pass and cell phone.
Gilbert allegedly told police the female relative let him in and that the two
boys were arguing about cleaning up their apartment.

'Disturbing' essay gets student arrested Sun Times
A Cary-Grove High School senior was being tutored off-campus Wednesday
following his arrest for writing what officials called an alarming
essay that allegedly referred to a shooting but did not contain any
specific threats.

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