More Killed In CPS Than In Iraq

ObamaThe latest use of the Chicago dead kids story is by Barack Obama, who points out that more kids have died in Chicago during 2007 than servicemen and women from Illinois during the same period.  Pretty dramatic stuff that gets the issue into national publications, but...I'm not sure to what purposes other than short-term political ones.What do you think? 

Poor Kids Living in a War Zone NYT ($$)
As of last week, the toll of public schoolchildren slain in Chicago since the opening of the school year had reached 34.

Obama Bemoans 'Epidemic of Violence' Forbes
Nearly three dozen Chicago students have been killed this year,
according to Chicago Public Schools. Obama said that figure is higher
than the number of Illinois serviceman who've died in Iraq in 2007.

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  • According to July 17, 2007 at 12:17 AM:

    "Obama would really start to kick Clinton's butt if he just came out and said 'stop spending so much money on the military and fund our schools and after-school programs.'"

    But should those programs be funded from the federal budget? Isn't education more a function of the states and municipalities?

    In most regions of IL, the school district must convince the electorate to increase the funding level when they feel it is needed. This provides an important brake on improper spending such as has been perceived in the Proviso district. There seem to be less controls on federal money.

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