More Departures, More Arrivals, More North Side Yuppie Stuff

Some of this has already been mentioned in the comments, but unconfirmed reports have it that:  Evaluation guy Dan Bugler has left for Atlanta where his wife got a great new faculty job and he is being replaced by former ISBEr Ginger Reynolds. Dave Gilligan from the Ag School has been named interim head of high schools (replacing Pittman) after a national search didn't turn up any worthwhile candidates. Josh Edelman is replacing Hosanna M. Johnson as head of new schools.  Apparently he's the son of Marion Wright Edelman of the Children's Defense Fund. The Consortium on Chicago School Research is adding not just former Trib education writer Tracy D. but also another person, Christopher Mazzio (sp?) who used to work for the NGA on education issues. 

If you know better, or different, let us know.  And if you know about any other new hires or re-assignments, including principals and AIOs, let everyone know that, too.  Especially the yuppie North Side stuff -- that's all we really care about, anyway -- can't you tell?

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