More Contract Clarifications

Frequently asked questions about the contract --answered by the CTU.

Why were PSRPs taken off extended

PSRPs make far less money than
teachers. We have
had many problems with the payroll system and sometimes
incorrect amounts were held back and put into the members’
summer account. The
Board held back approximately 18% of PSRP money from each
paycheck. The CTU
felt that it would be better for PSRPs to have 18% of their
checks deposited into the United Credit Union. They would then have
this money in their accounts for their use in the summer. This
money would also be available to them in case of some unforeseen
emergency.  The deduction for members to make
deposits into the United Credit Union is in the current
Agreement. PSRP
meetings will be set up throughout the city for explanations of
this procedure by the CTU and the United Credit


Is it true that in the 4th year of the
contract I will have to pay ½ my raise for health

No. That is a misprint in
the tentative agreement. When the final language comes out in the complete
document that is sent to the delegates, the language will
specifically state that, if the cost to the for health insurance
foes up between 1% and %5, you will pay the percentage rate
you’re paying now times half your raise. At the most this will be
$33/year or 2.74/month. 


When will we receive our complete copy of the

When the
clarifications are made, we will print a copy to be sent to the
delegates and post it on the website. Because it is so large,
the final 30,000 copies must be printed and bound. As soon as this is done,
you will receive them in your

Is it true that the Committee on the
Extended Day has the authority to lengthen our school day
without extra compensation?

No.  A committee is just a committee and has no
power to do anything but make suggestions.  The Union would
never agree to this without it being accompanied by our regular
salary.    If the CTU thought it would be good
for the members, they would have to vote on it through a
referendum before it became part of the contract.

Is it true that summer school,
homebound, and night school teachers will be paid at a flat rate
under the new contract?

No. Summer school, homebound, night school
and driver's ed.  will continue to be paid at the hourly
rate. The flat rate pertains only to after-school

Why are some things that were
in previous contracts left out of the tentative

The tentative agreement contains
ONLY items that are changed from the last contract.
Language that has been removed from the previous agreement is
shown in the printed tentative agreement with a strike-through;
new language that has been added is shown in bold-face type.
Everything else remains the same as in the previous contract.
Items in the printed tentative agreement that are in red type
are explanations and not official contract

Do we still have dental
coverage? Why about psychiatric coverage?

Yes, both areas remain covered just as in
the previous contract. There is no change in

What happens to a
teacher’s salary in the fifth year?

A teacher with 25
years of experience or more in the fifth year of the contract,
will move to a new Step 16. A teacher with 20-24 years of
experience in the fifth year of the contract, will remain on the
new Step 15. A teacher with 14-19 years of experience in the
fifth year of the contract, will remain on the new Step 14.
Everyone else will be on the appropriate step for their years of
experience. However, if the Board of Education
receives more money – for example, from a city casino
– salaries could increase as much as a whole percent.

Consult Appendix A in Article 47-2.1 for

I understand that everyone will
be on direct deposit under the new contract. With all the
payroll problems, how can we be assured that the direct deposit
will be correct?

No one will be
added to direct deposit until all the payroll problems have been

Is it
true that health care premiums will be one-half of the salary
increase in years four and five of the new

Unfortunately, the language in the tentative agreement is
inaccurate on this matter. Health care premium increases only
will be based on the salary increase in years four and
five. If overall healthcare costs to the district increase 1-5
percent, then one-half of the salary increase for that year will
be multiplied times the rate for the program in which the member
is enrolled.


For example, if the salary increase is
$1,000 for that year and the member is enrolled in HMO IL with
family coverage, then $500 will be multiplied times 1.8 percent
for a total increase of $9 for that year. If the overall
healthcare costs exceed 5 percent, then the total amount of the
increase is used to calculate the new cost. In such a case, a
salary increase of $1,000 for a person with HMO IL family
coverage will generate a total increase of $18 for that


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