More Algebra For CPS Eighth Graders Next Year

What do you think about the CPS effort to bring more algebra into middle schools?

From Catalyst: "The June board

meeting included a brief presentation on student achievement from the Office of

Instructional Design and Assessment. A recap of statistics showed that while 40

percent of 8th-graders across the country take algebra, only 8

percent of CPS 8th-graders do.

"With this in mind, Chief Officer

Xavier Botana noted how the district is revamping algebra instruction: 8th-grade

algebra will now be called “High School Algebra in the Middle Grades,”

a name change that Botana said will help parents and others understand that

students are tackling high-school-level material.

"Botana also noted that this

past school year, 80 elementary schools offered algebra to 8th-graders,

with an exit exam that 36 percent of students passed. That’s an

improvement from 2007, when 49 schools offered the course and 29 percent of

students passed the exit test. Next year, 180 schools are expected to offer the

algebra course and exam to 8th graders."

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