More About "The Mash"

More about "The Mash", in case you're interested:

Based on an idea that first took hold at the Orlando Sentinel (in FLA), The Mash started last month right after Labor Day, and 100,000 copies a week are distributed at 130 high schools around the city. CPS is helping with distribution.

About half the content is kid-generated, all is adult-edited. It doesn't aim to be particularly newsy or controversial, according to its editor. "We're more of a positive paper," she said. "We're trying to be constructive." That means stories about learn to earn, but not about fights or violence.

Kids from 20 schools meet monthly at the Tribune, and each group of 5 8-10 students is responsible for putting out a paper ever month. A bunch more student journalists and schools are coming on board soon.

The kids get paid a stipend and per story.

I still haven't seen the hard copy of the paper, but my initial take is that anything that encourages kids reading and writing is probably a good thing -- unless it usurps school-based journalism efforts or is overly consumer-based or whitewashed in terms of what it talks about. But there's room for lots of outlets about CPS, and maybe some of the teen reporters who want to do harder news can write for me on the side.

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