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Those of you who are interested in (or enraged by) charter schools (17 comments and counting here) might want to click over to This Week In Education and check out my new interview with Mike Feinberg, one of the founders of the KIPP schools, who talks about what it's like being hated by educators and loved by the media, and why one of the few KIPP schools to fail was in Chicago:  On The HotSeat:  KIPP Co-Founder Mike Feinberg.

There's also an interview from last week with Paul Tough, who wrote that NYT Magazine cover story about what it takes to educate poor children, which focused in part on KIPP schools and on the division within education about whether to focus on poverty or school reform first:  NYT Magazine's Paul Tough On The HotSeat.

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  • George,

    If KIPP isn't an answer, then what is? How do you take kids living in poverty and give them a fighting chance for a middle class life? How do you provide an opportunity for advancement? I've seen the studies that show that they start out behind in vocabulary and concepts and don't learn as quickly once in school as the other children who've had more affluent backgrounds.

    Given that we can't change our economic model, we have to provide these children the extra help they need to compete with the more affluent children. KIPP offers a longer day, a longer year, and tricks that more affluent children pick up from non-school experiences (make eye contact, read along...). Charters offer a removal from classrooms that may include troubled children that disrupt their opportunities for learning. If these aren't at least some answers, what is?

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