Montessori-And Magnet-At Oscar Mayer

The following post originally comes from October 21 2007:

Thanks to a reader for letting me know about some curious and under-publicized things going on at Oscar Mayer, located in Lincoln Park. I'm told that Oscar Mayer school converting to a magnet school -- with a Montessori program -- starting next year. [The Montessori program has already started -- I heard about it over the weekend.]

According to this reader, parents who have attended the information sessions at the school are reporting that it will be a "magnet school with neighborhood boundaries," meaning all kids in the attendance area are guaranteed a spot. What's that-a cluster magnet? "This proclamation is not sitting well with others outside the area, who are complaining that the spoiled Lincoln Park community is getting yet another special school, etc."

The OM website seems strangely vague on the application requirements:

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