Monday School Closing - Relocation

Click below for information about a weekend break-in at the DuSable campus and some school closing on Monday.

From CPS:

Monday Classes Cancelled at Shabazz International Charter School at DuSable Campus; Two Other Schools at DuSable Campus Will Relocate


Weekend Break-in at DuSable Campus, Students at Bronzeville Scholastic,

Williams Prep School of Medicine Will Attend Classes at Vacant Farren

School Building on Monday


to security concerns stemming from a weekend break-in at the DuSable

High School campus, 4934 S. Wabash Ave., the campus will be closed on

Monday, April 14.

There are three schools located within the DuSable High School campus:

· The DuSable Leadership Academy, Betty Shabazz International Charter School

The DuSable

Leadership Academy charter school has cancelled classes for Monday. The

school’s administration will work with CPS officials to determine a

makeup day for Monday’s missed classes, and that will be communicated

directly to the DuSable Leadership Academy families.

· Bronzeville Scholastic Institute and

· Daniel Hale Williams Preparatory School of Medicine


enrolled at either Bronzeville Scholastic or Williams Prep should

report on Monday morning to the DuSable campus, and from there

administrators and security officers will transport the students to

attend classes at the nearby Farren School building, 5055 S. State,

which is vacant.


break-in at the DuSable campus was reported early Sunday morning. Two

male teenagers were apprehended by police who responded to the scene.

There was only minor damage to the building. Neither of the teens

attends any of the DuSable schools.


video shows the teens used a gun to break in to the school, but no gun

was recovered during the arrest. A thorough sweep of the entire DuSable

building and campus was completed on Sunday, but it failed to turn up

the weapon, prompting police and CPS security officials to close the

campus for Monday’s classes.

Parents with questions are asked to call the Area 25 Instructional Office at 773.535.8631.

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