Monday Morning Roundup

High school confidential Chicago Sun-Times
The students here are from a wide variety of economic backgrounds -- their classroom settings range from tough inner-city schools in Chicago to the elite ...

Chicago Launches Anti-Violence Effort EdWeek
district will expand after-school programs and other measures aimed at
keeping students out of gangs and reducing youth violence.

Homeowners, schools in property bill limbo Sun Times
one is reaching for the panic button just yet. But taxpayers don't know
when their tax bills will arrive or how much they'll be once they do.

Fresh Faces Tackle Woes in New Orleans Schools NYT
A new superintendent is vowing to transform the battered public school system in New Orleans.

Nails in the Playground Are No Fun
Between bullies, queen bees and questionable gymnastics moves, school playgrounds have always been dangerous places.

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  • Much as George may, like some aging drag queens still dressing as Marilyn Monroe, be over the top, I think he's got some good points and questions about both the Vallas record and the New Orleans RSD.

    From what I've read and seen, the New Orleans RSD was set up to fail and compare unfavorably against the Charters. Charter schools in New Orleans are not under the kind of rules they are in Chicago. Here, they can't select students other than randomly.

    And Vallas has left a mess behind at both of the school districts he's run. This could just be that most districts are not willing to pay the cost of an adequate education, or it could be more sinister. Without an audit report, it's hard to tell. And for Vallas to claim that Charters were keeping middle class families from fleeing the city is risible, given the demographics of the charter school student body.

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