Monday Morning Roundup -- Soap Opera Version

Grade-fixing claim 'totally false' CST

The Farragut High School principal who has been under investigation by
the Chicago Public Schools in an alleged grade-fixing scandal said
Saturday that while 12 to 14 students, some of whom played on the
school's soccer team, did have their grades inflated, he had nothing to
do with it.

Teacher gets probation in child-porn case Tribune

the case atypical and responding to pleas for leniency from the
community, a federal judge Friday sentenced a former Wilmette
schoolteacher to 2 1/2 years of probation after he pleaded guilty to
possessing child pornography.

Ex-teacher convicted in Internet sting Tribune

former Stagg High School teacher was convicted Friday of indecent
solicitation for using the Internet to approach whom he thought was a
13-year-old girl.

Student accused in grades alteration Tribune

Rich East High School sophomore is facing criminal charges after having
been accused of erasing his English teacher's grades and other records
and loading dirty pictures onto her computer device.

 Movies flunk in portraying teachers Tribune

a high school teacher in films or on TV is often worse than having to
relive your adolescence. They wear their hair in tight buns and scream,
or they leap atop desks and quote Walt Whitman, only to be fired by
misguided administrators.

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