Monday Morning News Roundup

Senn High Lobbies CPS On School's Future WBEZ


High School students, their parents and teachers are asking the Board

of Education to back a community plan to improve the northside school.

But 48th ward Alderman Mary Ann Smith is pushing her own proposal to

turn Senn into four small high schools.

Mainstreaming to Cut Costs Wall St. Journal

While studies show that mainstreaming can be beneficial for many

students, critics say cash-hungry school districts are pushing the

practice too hard, forcing many children into classes that can't meet

their needs. [Thanks to a reader for sending this in.]

Students psyched up by Roosevelt professor's antics Sun Times

Meyers eschews lectures, noting that students learn far more by

interacting and little by simply listening. He also doesn't assign

research papers and instead has students do volunteer work for a

charity and then turn in a written analysis of the experience.

Playing smart hoops

The junior basketball players want people to see U-High as more than

just a school for smart people, and they want people to see the

Independent School League as more than just a small conference that

gets overlooked by the larger basketball powerhouses.

Cupcake tradition crumbles at school Tribune

Across the Chicago region, districts from Naperville to Gurnee are

clamping down on the types of food that parents can bring for class

snacks and parties, requesting veggie trays or bread sticks with

marinara sauce in lieu of sweets, and water rather than juice boxes.

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