Monday Morning News Roundup

Scholarships' 'genius' wins recognition Tribune
Posse Chicago's executive director, Chastity Lord, told me that since
2000, 80 percent of her students have returned to the city after
graduation to work. Three Posse alumni are Chicago Public Schools
teachers. The Chicago office also had its first Fulbright Scholar this
year, and he's now in Costa Rica.

The powerhouse 'pirate' of the math classroom Boston Globe
In the 1980s, Sally served as the first director of the University of
Chicago Mathematics Project, which created the "Chicago math" program,
rooting K-6 math education in daily activities such as telling time,
counting money, and reading maps.

Gery Chico, can-do guy Reader
Former Daley aide and political schmoozemeister Gery Chico is back, this time heading the board of the Chicago Park District.

Northbrook music teacher gets federal award Tribune
Longtime educator gets American Star for his innovative approach,
which harmonizes array of studies at Northbrook elementary school

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