Monday Morning News Roundup

102107teach2_cst_feed_20071020_18_0Rotten apples tossed after sexual acts Sun Times

The list, compiled from 2001 to 2005, reveals a
litany of loathsome acts ranging from sexual assault to child
pornography, according to the Illinois State Board of Education.

Weeding out Teachers Convicted of a Crime
According to a Daily Herald
investigation, the state's system of revoking licenses from teachers
convicted of a felony isn't functioning as well as it should.

Science, technology council steps to plate Tribune
The organization will also devote resources toward improving science and technology teaching in CPS.

 The `silence' mandate: One state senator fights back Tribune (Zorn)
Sen. Jeff Schoenberg, an Evanston Democrat, has written a letter to
officials at Evanston/Skokie School District 65 urging them to seek a
formal waiver of the new state law requiring that their teachers begin
each classroom day with a...

Military pupils caught in battle Tribune
Some Highland Park residents urged their neighbors on Tuesday to be
more accepting of pupils moving into military housing after weeks of
emotional debate on how to best accommodate an expected school
enrollment influx.

Pumpkin Patches: Stranger Than We Remembered Chicagoist
When we started our search for local places to check
out, we were expecting to find a decent variety of spots to enjoy a
nice hayride, sample some cider, and pick a pumpkin or two. Instead,
what we found were farms chock full of the weirdest crap we've ever
heard of.

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