Monday Morning News, Part 2

Duncan's track record, part 3 Catalyst


final installment of our series on Duncan's track record examines hits

and misses in early childhood education, teacher quality and elementary


Rod Blagojevich And The Poetry Slam NYT

Turns out the English poet is a favorite of high-profile

people in times of crisis.

Take The Kids (Or Not): ZooLights At Lincoln Park Zoo Huffington Post News


is bigger, brighter and FREE! There will be plenty of traditional

favorites and lots of new fun.

The Best Fitzmas Ever? Fox News

Graduation rates during his

tenure improved. And that is something good in Chicago. But the flip

side of it was that high school test scores didn't really go up. And in

particular, Chicago's ranking among other major urban school districts

also didn't improve during the tenure, so it's about status quo.

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