Monday Morning News, Part 2

Chicago schools chief wants kids safe from crossing gang turf Chicago Tribune

Following the latest wave of student killings, the

new Chicago schools chief told aldermen Thursday the district will

evaluate the role gang turf boundaries play in escalating violence.

Education chief favors longer school year CNN

"We have to get dramatically better," said Duncan, former chief of Chicago Public Schools.

President Obama and lawmakers have directed billions of dollars to the

Department of Education through the stimulus package, and they propose

to send more in the ...

Duncan promotes education stimulus to reporters Catalyst

Duncan mostly spoke about plans to revamp and expand college loans. But

CPS' former CEO also fielded a few questions about K-12 programs—and

got in a plug for mayoral control of schools when he was asked about a

similar proposal for Detroit schools.

Duncan challenges mayor to fix DPS DetNews

Duncan, CEO of Chicago public schools

since 2001, said the mayor took over the schools there in 1995, and

that it led to marked improvement in education. "Some of the most

innovative work is happening in places where the mayor had the courage

to step ...

Ackerman and students to meet on reform plans Philadelphia Daily News

A reform effort in Chicago Public Schools

which does this has resulted in lower-income students being pushed out

of their schools, said the students, who mocked that plan in a skit.

Any reforms that are used, they said, should first be approved by ...

Teacher Accused Of Sex With Teenage Student

A teacher is being held on $110,000 bond,

on charges that she had sex with a 15-year-old studentA who attended

theA school for troubled youth where she taught.

The ABCs of preschool Chicago Tribune

Their daughter also has special needs, and the Chicago Public Schools

provide her with a one-on-one aide, physical therapy and occupational

therapy. And the school is in their neighborhood. "I don't want to be

traveling an hour to take my child to ...

Rockford superintendent search recap: Mayor was there Rockford Register Star


week three board members confirmed to the Rockford Register Star that

Morrissey met with them and former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul

Vallas at least twice — once in December and again Feb. 1. The two key

meetings involving board members, ...

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