Monday Morning News, Part 2

Schools Fight to Offer the Arts Despite Testing Pressure WBEZ


no secret that No Child Left Behind’s had an impact on schools. Many

educators say the focus on testing math, reading and science doesn’t

leave much room for anything else, especially the arts. But some

Chicago educators are working hard to protect the arts, despite

pressure to improve test scores.

Youth Out in the Cold on Summer Jobs WBEZ


vacation has arrived, and many teens are now on the hunt for a summer

job. These jobs are not just about earning money. For some, they mean

the difference between building a solid base for the future, or a life

on the streets. But finding a job this summer in a tough economy may be

a struggle.

Memorial chairs need good home

Chicago Sun-Times

CPS chief Arne Duncan (left) has promised to find a home for the 24 Memorial Chairs unveiled at Tuesday's five-hour "Shout Out. ...

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