Monday Morning News, Part 2

Stop spending state money on member initiatives Chicago Tribune


both by Tribune reporters Stephanie Banchero and Patricia Callahan. The

Chicago Tribune deserves praise and thanks for its excellent

investigative piece ...

Chicago Public Schools feel a $10 million pinch at the pump Change of Subject

Given all buses that take kids to and

from school and games, the driver’s ed programs and all the other

transportation needs of huge system...

Important grants Chicago Tribune


years ago, the Chicago Public Schools system was threatening to close

the CPS-LPN (licensed practical nurses) program due to a lack of

funding. ...

Education Research Group Moves Toward Action New York Sun


Reporter of the Sun | July 28, 2008 A group whose mission is to deliver

non-politicized statistics on the public schools is moving ...

Wood, Cubs to aid kids with tournament -


Woods heard about the work OSP was doing with Alcott Elementary and

other Chicago Public Schools, and hope the program can gain a greater

following so ...

Remember tutoring, mentoring, and skill training for our youth Chicago Tribune


such as After School Matters, programs run at Chicago Public Schools,

and community-based organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club. ...

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