Monday Morning News, Part 1

State gets do-over on ISAT scoring Chicago Tribune

Illinois education officials made the unprecedented decision Friday to

rescore the state's nearly 1 million elementary school math and reading

exams after outside auditors determined the scoring process was

seriously flawed.

Test results don't add up Chicago Sun-Times

The latest glitch throws into question all three years of the new ISAT

because it's unclear whether it was this year's test that was amiss or

the last two years' tests, said Timothy Shanahan, professor of urban

education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, a designer of the

state's previous reading test.

Chicago turns out for Bud Billiken Parade


first round draft pick and Englewood High graduate Derrick Rose rode

aboard the Chicago Public Schools float. "Without school, you can do ...

Blagojevich accuses 10 Chicago Democrats of 'killing' public works ... Chicago Tribune


Davis (D-Chicago), who also is on the governor's list but said she

retired from her administrative job with Chicago Public Schools about

three years ...

Parents of slain CPS students visit somber ... Chicago Sun-Times

It was opening day for the "Chairs Memorial" exhibit at the Field

Museum last week, and several parents of slain Chicago Public Schools

students showed up.

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