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Bush in Chicago to Push No Child Law WBEZ


George Bush will be in Chicago today to mark the anniversary of the

signing of the No Child Left Behind Act. The President will push for

the law’s renewal at a Northside elementary school, recently cited as

one of the nation’s best.

Student may file discrimination lawsuit against school district after expulsion

Student Maya Oquendo tells her storyabout getting into a fight at lunchtime to CBS2Chicago. Maya is black

and Puerto Rican and her scufflee was white. The allegation here is

that the school district Glenbard North is more willing to give harsh

penalties to minority students than white students. Maya got expelled

as was noted the other scufflee was only suspended five days and is

back in school.

Court rules loud and clear in upholding state moment of silence Tribune

The ruling issued Thursday stems from a complaint filed in 2006 by a

North Texas couple who say one of their children was told by an

elementary school teacher to keep quiet because the minute is a "time

for prayer."

Obama seizes on Clinton's 'false hopes' warning Tribune

The Barack Obama campaign seized this

morning on a comment Hillary Clinton made in last night’s Democratic

debate warning against raising “false hopes” in the campaign, seeking

to portray the sentiment as a sign she lacks...

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