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Mayor gives tutoring at schools high marks Tribune

This year, 17,200 students can get additional academic training in 205

schools through the academies, added Harris, who also attended

Saturday's ceremony at Bateman, 4220 N. Richmond St.

Daley wants panel to solve pension crisis CST

Mayor Daley on Friday created a commission drawn from labor, business

and banking to confront a problem that threatens to choke future

generations of Chicago taxpayers: underfunded city pension funds.

Daley criticizes Blagojevich's last-minute transit demand Tribune

Daley, attending a Chicago Public Schools ceremony at Bateman

Elementary School on the city's Northwest Side, said, "All of us

support the needs of seniors." But, he added, Blagojevich's last-minute

delay of the transit funding deal has "endangered" the somewhat fragile

support for the measure.

Woman struck, killed by school bus carrying students Tribune

An Illinois Central school bus had a green light going north on Western

when it made a right turn onto Jackson and struck Robinson, police


Stone Scholastic Academy CST

Imagine a city inside a volcano on Mars where people move up and down

on a giant elevator. That’s the vision for a city named Arsia Monscity

in the year 3000 by Chicago Public School students at Stone Scholastic

Academy in Rogers Park, one of the few Chicago public schools — often

the only one — that competes in the Future City Competition.

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