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Edison angst: Where should gifted kids go? Sun Times

Local parents, frustrated by large class sizes and mobile classrooms,

can't wait to gain access to the Edison building at 6220 N. Olcott,

seated at the edge of a park on a leafy residential street.

Yum. Lunch at 9 am Tribune

While many Chicagoans are still thinking about waffles and eggs, high

school freshman Yanira Gomez digs into lunch: pizza and fries, dished

out at 9:06 a.m. Her next chance to eat is usually after 3 p.m., when she gets home from Steinmetz Academic Centre on Chicago's Northwest Side.

State Testing In English Upsets Bilingual Schools WBBM

School officials say the upcoming standardized test for elementary

school students in Illinois could be trouble for at least 55,000

bilingual students who’ll have to take it as well as for their schools.

The Crackdown on New York City Students Gotham Gazette

One studyfound that in 12 Chicago public schools implementing it [PBIS], the percent of

students who received six or more disciplinary referrals fell by more

than half over three years, from 6 percent to 2 percent.

Vallas mum on political future Daily Herald

Former governor candidate and Chicago Public Schools chief Paul Vallas

returned to town recently to talk education reform -- but not politics.

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