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CPS gives bilingual students a break on tougher state tests Sun Times

As Illinois students who are still learning English prepare to take,

for the first time, the same achievement tests given to all other

students, Chicago Public Schools chief Arne Duncan said Sunday he will

not use their scores to decide who gets promoted...Even with about 20 accommodations -- such as a teacher reading

scripted test questions or students using a bilingual glossary --

Duncan said the tests will make for a frustrating and difficult couple

of days for the students. "We'll have some zeros,'' Duncan said. "It's heart-breaking.''

Schools draw parents into ISAT prep game Tribune

Critics contend that making testing a family affair is yet another sign

of a nation that puts too much stock in standardized exams.But

parents say they're simply supporting their children's education. Some

believe it will help hone testing skills that will serve their kids for


Coonley Elementary School gains designation as a regional gifted ... Tribune

Coonley, at 4046 N. Leavitt St., will become the school district's 10th regional gifted center in December.

Achievement tests begin for Illinois school children EdWeek

Schools hope months of preparation and extra help from parents will

help nearly 1 million Illinois students score well as two weeks of

standardized testing begin Monday.

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