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'A suicide bombing mentality' Sun Times

Blockaded streets, security guards, cops,

cameras can't keep a lid on tensions fueled by decades of gang rivalry

at Crane High School

Teen found dead in garbage can Sun Times

A 15-year-old boy who recently dropped out of Chicago Military Academy

in Bronzeville was found dead in a South Side garbage can Wednesday.

No small plan: Public boarding schools for Chicago Tribune

But residential schools are a bolder -- and far more expensive --

proposition. Long an option for the affluent, boarding schools are

virtually unheard of for the disadvantaged.

City may try public boarding schools Sun Times

For her entire freshman year at North Lawndale College Prep, Tinesheia

Howard commuted to school from a homeless shelter, where privacy was

almost nonexistent, theft was a constant concern, and studying couldn't

begin until 9 p.m., after the din around her settled down for the night.

Handy way to learn Sun Times

The first students to work with the teachermate at Jungman Elementary

School in the North Lawndale neighborhood are transfixed by the games

and coursework in the language-arts programs, said first-grade teacher

Martha Arriaga.

Teens have sex but don't have the facts Tribune

Alternatives, a North Side youth agency, recently held three forums for

teenagers ages 14 to 19. The series was called "Let's Talk about Sex."

And talk, they did.

David Finkel in the ClassroomWBEZ


Finkel has taught at Harper High School for nine years. One of the

challenges he approaches in his classroom is conveying the importance

of science to his students. He reminds them that even high

school biology class is crucial to achieving their career and life


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