Monday Morning News

18-year-old beaten to death with baseball bat Tribune

The mourners were certain the real attacker was among the porch

onlookers; some of the younger ones said retaliation was inevitable.

Another CPS student killed Chicago Sun-Times

As of last week, 20 of the slain students were shooting victims, according to Chicago Public Schools spokesman Michael Vaughn. A 22-year-old male suspect ...

Who is responsible for rise in violence? Chicago Daily Herald

Gun-grabbers Inc., in the personage of Rod Blagojevich, Richard Daley and Arne Duncan, find it easier to blame inanimate objects for murders rather than ...

Fights disrupt anti-violence rally at Southeast Side high school

"Look at this - what is this principal going to do? I can't believe this" An anti-violence rally at George Washington High School turned ugly

Thursday when a series of fights broke out in a crowd of students being

dismissed for the day. via WGNTV Chicago

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