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Daley finds NU graduates a tough crowd Chicago Tribune

Daley highlighted his takeover of Chicago's public schools and his efforts to make Chicago "the most environmentally friendly city in the nation. ...

The next big thing: smaller schools Baltimore Sun

Other studies have shown that students in small schools are more likely to be better known by their teachers and go to college. New York, Chicago and ...

How to rescue urban education Worcester Telegram


is because Mayor Daley and the superintendent he has appointed (Arne

Duncan, CEO of Chicago Public Schools) are strong charter school

supporters. .

Skippers guide teens vying for CPS' first sailing team Chicago Sun-Times

sailing team. Capt. Bruce Burton shows students Hamza Fawzi, 16, No, Oviedo isn't a sailing prodigy, but he may be part of the first Chicago Public Schools...

State Rallies To Get Kids Health Insurance CBS2 Chicago

It is estimated that some 99000 Chicago Public Schools students are uninsured. "Of the 250000 children in Illinois without health insurance, more than half ...

Korean, US Chorales to Resound in Seoul 코리아타임즈, South Korea -

From over 3000 young chorists based in Chicago schools, 55 children were chosen for the tour. The group will perform at the Sejong Center Saturday as part ...

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