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School's fence fires up old rifts in neighborhood Tribune
On the surface this appears to be a story about a 4 1/2-foot-high fence. And it would be a story solely about a 4 1/2-foot-high fence if the fence weren't being erected for a public elementary school that's tucked inside an affluent cul-de-sac in the South Loop.

School testing program gets 'D' for delay Daily Southtown
...with Halloween approaching, high schools still do not know if they
met standards or need to budget for sanctions, such as transfers and
tutoring. Some have gone ahead and are spending money on after-school
programs; others are hedging their bets until second semester.

March rips school funding Sun-Times
Marchers hope to force education funding to the top of legislative and gubernatorial agendas.

Amid big cuts, some schools gain Catalyst
One principal calls process a sham. Another says: Now we have enough staff to provide full services to our special education children.

Despite challenges, CHA delivering on rehab plan Sun Times (commentary)
percent of the 25,000 apartments are scheduled to be finished by
January...Nearly all of the promised
9,500 senior units will be completed by the end of the year. And the
mixed-income homes that have been finished are agreeably up to

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