Monday Morning News

Charter debate accelerates as new schools open doors Medill Reports

Chicago's Renaissance 2010 schools are performing better than their

neighborhood counterparts in the Chicago Public Schools. Nonetheless

they're still a focus of controversy.

Authors take stand against calls to ban their work Chicago Tribune

The penguins are so controversial that some want their story banned from the shelves of libraries and schools. ...

Bass fishing catching on as high school sport Chicago Tribune

Brian McDonald understands why people snicker at the mention of Vernon Hills High School's new bass ...

Veteran New Orleans school administrator leaving for post in St. Louis Times-Picayune

Vallas is a Chicago native, and his family still lives in the Chicago area. Adams' leaving "is going to set me back a little," he said.

Wilmette Teachers Approve Contract Chicagoist

The new contract increases salaries

5 percent in the first two years, and 5.5 percent in each of the

remaining three. 20 minutes have also been added to the day for

kindergarten through fourth grade.


No Chicago students eligible to enroll at New Trier Wilmette Life

Urban superintendents hard to retain MSNBC

Detroit Schools Take Hit as the City’s Population Shrinks NYT

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