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After years of cooping up kids, city schools flirt with recess Tribune
Nearly three decades after the Chicago Public Schools all but eradicated recess at most elementary campuses, there's a movement to bring it back--an effort now championed by schools chief Arne Duncan. It's the first time since Mayor Richard Daley took over the school system in 1995 that a district leader publicly endorsed free play as a priority.

Payton, Northside both need a principal Sun-Times
Two of the state's highest-scoring public high schools--Northside College Prep and Walter Payton College Prep--both need new principals by June 30, creating a first-of-its kind talent search in Chicago.

Youth summit promotes gay-straight school clubs Tribune
Students say the last time they tried to get a Gay Straight Alliance started at Farragut High School, they were ridiculed and threatened. Now, two years later, senior Leroy Kirk figures it's time someone new stepped up to make his school a more tolerant place.

School plan sparks L.A. tiff Tribune
Working off a template inspired by Mayor Richard Daley in Chicago, Villaraigosa said his city's schools, which serve more than 720,000 students, needed reforms like those instituted by The Accelerated School co-founder Kevin Sved.

Test-score teaching bonuses to begin Tribune
In the weeks before the Nov. 7 elections, the Bush administration is handing out money for teachers who raise student test scores, the first federal effort to reward classroom performance with bonuses.

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