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Parents Fight for a Voice in Education WBEZ

A school reform group fighting to preserve a strong role for parents in Chicago schools won a small victory in court yesterday.

Vision clinic helps Chicago students overcome obstacles Chicago ... Chicago Tribune

The 4th grader strains to make out the letters his teachers

jot on blackboards at Fermi Elementary School on Chicago's ...

Buzzer-Beaters Providence Journal

Duncan and Rogers

were instrumental in the development and expansion of the NABC

Foundation’s Ticket to Reading Rewards (TTRR) program. The program is a

reading incentive that encourages middle-school students to read books

outside the classroom and obtain rewards for reading.

A Top 10 of 2008 stories Chicago Tribune

The couple, who teach abstinence courses to Chicago Public Schools teens, finally did get hitched—and reported a marvelous honeymoon.

CPS puts playlist of alumni songs on iTunes Chicago Tribune

Chicago Public Schools has created a playlist on iTunes that includes songs from alumni including Sam Cooke, Mel Torme, Kanye West, ...

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