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Lawsuit: Aldermen must approve controversial CPS pick Chi-Town Daily News

In a suit filed today in Cook County Circuit Court, one-time Harold

Washington aide and 2007 Mayoral candidate William Dock Walls alleges

Daley violated the city’s municipal code, when he appointed former CTA

President Ron Huberman schools CEO.

Scott back as school board chief? Sun Times (from last week)

Michael Scott -- a consensus builder with a 25-year history with Mayor

Daley --will be asked to return as Chicago Board of Education president

in a shake-up that may include other board members, City Hall sources

said Tuesday.

C.P.S. Closings: The Lost Kids of Las Casas? CLTV

Jonathan Turner is a 20-year old student diagnosed with autism. He's

been attending Las Casas Occupational High School for seven years, and

in another two, he was planning to graduate. He's taken A.P. Physics,

is studying A.P. Biology, and...

Court to Evanston schools: Preserve evidence in boy's death Sun Times

A Cook County Circuit Court judge today ordered Oakton School, District

65 and the Evanston Police Department to preserve all evidence related

to the death of Aquan Lewis, a 10-year-old boy found Tuesday hanging

from a hook inside a washroom

Huberman orders major change in 'turnaround' proposal Substance

All staff at the schools

would be CPS employees and subject to collective bargaining agreements

with existing CPS unions. The Local School Council at each school

would remain in place. The "turnaround" would be managed by AUSL.

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