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Black lawmakers to gov: Don't rule out school tax hike SunTimes
Concerned that Gov. Blagojevich's campaign pledge not to raise taxes
could hurt chances for education funding reform, the Illinois
Legislative Black Caucus and other groups will call on the governor
today to either rescind his pledge or come up with a plan to
significantly boost funding for schools before the election.

Dropouts: Children Left Far Behind Defender
It is time to worry about the
hard bigotry of sending many children from poor communities into
adulthood without the opportunities created by completing their high
school education.

Pension reckoning

been a lot of well-placed fretting in Springfield lately about the
anemic shape of pension funds for state workers and many teachers.
There hasn't been as much attention paid to the fiscal plight of some
of the retirement systems for public workers in Chicago and Cook
County, but there should be.

Education trumpeted at Morgan Park Defender

On Sunday, about 8,000 people at Sundays 10 a.m. service at Salem
Baptist Church saluted a group of Morgan Park students who scored tops
in Advanced Placement exams in English and European history, more than
any other school in the nation.

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