Monday Morning: More Meeks

Meeks `admonishes' Daley on schools Tribune

leading a march downtown Friday, state Sen. James Meeks stopped short
of saying he plans to run for mayor of Chicago, but he had no shortage
of criticism for Mayor Richard Daley's handling of the Chicago Public

Hundreds march through downtown streets for education Defender
Chicago Public Schools spokesman
Peter Cunningham told the Defender Friday that while Meeks raised some
good points, it is not true that all North Side schools are better than
those on the South and West sides of the city.

Meeks to hit street for funding to get `quality teachers' Tribune

Sen. James Meeks, who threatened to run for governor until incumbent
Rod Blagojevich agreed to seek increased school funding, is turning his
sights to Mayor Richard Daley, with a downtown march Friday to demand
better teachers.

Anyone see any Sun Times coverage of this?

Thanks:  A lesson for Meeks: These kids are messed up
When the Rev. James Meeks tries to score political points by pinning
the problems of the Chicago Public Schools on Mayor Daley, when he
says, "These kids who started in kindergarten, they wasn't messed up
when they started in kindergarten. ..," he is not only plain wrong, but
devious and damaging.

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