Monday Morning Housekeeping

Some housekeeping details about the site:

The weekly email that used to arrive Monday mornings is kaput, as many of you have already noticed. I don't know what happened -- the company seems to have gone under. Sorry! So, to get an email with all of the day's posts, M-F, click here . It's free, it's easy. More people sign up for this every week.

To send news links, tidbits, etc. to me directly using your own email (real or not), use district299 at I won't reveal who you are, but I'll know your email. To send news links, tidbits, etc. to me anonymously, go to, sign in with the name, and use the password district299. I won't know who you are or where the email came from.

Or, call 312 286 9242 -- yes, people do this.

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