Monday AM News: Trampoline suit, Lunch, Trilingual kids, Scores delayed

Court reverses course, allows trampoline suit Tribune
In a rare course reversal within a single year, the Illinois Supreme Court decided Friday that a former middle-school student can sue Chicago Public Schools over a 1992 trampoline accident that left him a quadriplegic.

'Kids wouldn't come to lunch without pizza and nachos' Sun Times
Rich or poor, most Chicago area teens have at least some choice when they reach the front of the cafeteria line.

Little Village's trilingual kids Sun Times
Mandarin Chinese mandatory at school where 90% speak only Spanish at home.

State again delays release of test scores Sun Times
The release of Illinois' 2006 school test scores -- already latest in the nation -- is being pushed back yet again, meaning kids could well be taking this year's tests before they even get last year's results.

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  • Andrew Martinek,

    Actually the article I was reading about junk food and how the students won't eat other healthier stuff was mentioning that the lunch preparers were experimenting with making the "junk food", stuff like pizza, nachos, burgers, healthier, by using lower fat meats and cheeses & such. I think that's a good idea.

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