Monday AM News: The Other Fund, Reading in Motion and A Stewart Editorial

'Expanding' fund would help charter schools grow Sun-Times
The Illinois Facilities Fund hopes to transform an $8 million federal grant into as much as $100 million in Wall Street investments for charter school buildings.

This reading lesson gets kids moving Tribune
Westcott Elementary School, 409 W. 80th St. on the South Side, has joined 17 other Chicago public schools in implementing a curriculum from Reading in Motion, a Chicago agency that uses music, drama and dance to teach reading.

How can city students learn in deteriorating school buildings? Sun-Times
(Editorial By Marilyn Stewart) For the last several years, the Chicago Teachers Union has been documenting in its official publication, the Chicago Union Teacher, numerous examples of how school buildings within the Chicago Public Schools system are deteriorating.

Restoring justice where gangs, not suspensions, define fear Tribune
At Fenger, school leaders know it's flat-out foolish to expect violence to disappear. This is a tough place, where gang clashes are inevitable and students fear getting "punked" more than they do a suspension or bad grades ... So administrators strike a middle ground between paralysis and rigidity and throw themselves into the fray.

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