Monday AM News: Tax Updates, Virtual Schools, Latino Science

Wanted: Adult with a tax compromise
Tribune (editorial)
Where's Phil Rock when we need him?

 Keeping his cool on state hot seat School board chief pushing tax plan Tribune
Ruiz has been in the hot
seat more than ever in the last month as he helps the governor push a plan to
tax businesses to raise billions for schools and health care.

schools, virtual classes

   National education groups estimate at least 25 states,  including Illinois,
have virtual schools and an additional 13 have other e-learning initiatives,
including online testing.

Elementary School Sells Latinos on Science WBEZ

are you’re not going to have much trouble finding work, if you have an
advanced degree in science. But latinos, the fastest growing population
in the U.S., still make up just a fraction of the nation’s science and
engineering workforce.

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